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Automated Turntable uses JVL Controllers

Plastic components assembled using a robot from the company G&E Maskinteknik

The company G&E Maskinteknik in Farum north of Copenhagen has recently completed construction of an automated assembly robot that screws 2 plastic components together to produce final units.

The machine is based on a large turntable that is driven by a step motor and into which the base of one of the two plastic components is fed. At 90 degrees to the turntable axis, the second component is fed by a sled equipped with 2 servo motors that pick up 2 components, feed them to the turntable, and using torque control, screw the components together with those in the turntable.
Vertical and horizontal control of the sled with the servo motors is achieved pneumatically. The machine is additionally equipped with a detector that automatically rejects defect components, and it includes a counter so that the required number of completed units can be packaged.

The step motor, which drives the turntable via a drive belt, is equipped with a planetary gear from Technoingranaggi Riduttori and is controlled by a JVL Step Motor Controller SMC26B. The overall control of the assembly machine is taken care of by a PLC.
More information about:
Part of the assembly machine, showing the turntable and the 2 servo motors.
Turntable driven by step motor and gear.
Principle of the assembly machine. 

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