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EU Declarations of Conformity

JVL and CE approval
Today all electronic products, including motors and controllers, must carry a CE mark of approval. CE approval ensures that units do not emit noise that can interfere with other products and cause them to malfunction. It also ensures that units are resistant to external electromagnetic interference and therefore not prone to malfunction themselves. Common consumer products or industrial products such as PLCs are normally easily approved as they do not conduct high voltages and currents. This is not however the case for motor controllers where often the motor is located far from the controller and high current levels and voltages up to 600V switch up and down. This produces noise and at a minimum screened cables must always be used to meet requirements.
Already during the development phase a product must undergo 7 different tests, including immission, emission, an 8kV burst test at the 230V mains and inputs, an ESD test, etc. If the product does not fulfil the guidelines given in the EU directive, it must be modified until levels are complied with.
Some manufacturers measure test units with external filters and cabinets that provide protection against noise. In this way a product that does not in itself fulfil the directive can be made to comply with requirements. However the user must then use the same filters and install the unit in exactly the same way to ensure that CE compliance is maintained.
When JVL develops new products, we adopt a different philosophy: to limit noise at the source. After all, prevention is better than cure. We therefore incorporate the unit and filters in a HF-cabinet which is specially designed to act as a barrier against noise. In this way the product itself is CE approved and not in combination with other external units. This means that customers can be sure they have a CE-approved product that meets requirements without the additional costs of expensive filters.
To ensure compliance with the EMC directive, JVL products include special noise filters at all inputs, outputs, motor outputs, power supply and RS232/RS485 interface. In addition, the 230V mains stage includes a special mains noise filter. PCBs, which are either 4 or 6-layer, include a chassis ground and positive layer so that the entire PCB functions as a large noise filter.
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