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More Information about SMC23 - SMC30

Stepper Motor Controllers SMC23, SMC24, SMC25 and SMC26
Complete Units with PLC Capabilities
JVL Controllers are very easy to use and include all necessary functions for accurate, reliable step-motor control. Motor start/stop speeds, acceleration/deceleration ramps, absolute and relative positioning are all set using easily programmed Controller commands.
The Controllers have a built-in compiler which enables programming from a standard "unintelligent" console. They can thus be used as stand-alone units, completely independent of other control units such as PLC equipment, PCs, etc.

A total of 10 inputs and 3 outputs enable the Controllers to be readily integrated in even the most advanced and complex system. In addition, 3 of the Controller models enable connection of up to 31 external modules such as I/O-, Display-, Keyboard modules, etc.

The standard motor driver voltage on the Controllers is 40V, but a 150V model is available and provides excellent motor performance even at high speeds. If compliance with the EU EMC directive on electromagnetic radiation is required, JVL can supply specially developed models. The Controllers' RS232C/RS485 interface and all User Inputs and Outputs are optically isolated. The inputs are safeguarded against incorrect polarity connection and outputs are short-circuit protected. Thermal protection prevents overloads. The Controllers are available with or without an integral power supply.

Front Panel Indicators and Connectors
The front panel of both models (with or without power supply) has LEDs for indicating "Power On" and overload. In addition, the front panel is equipped with the RS232/RS485 interface connector which enables the Controllers to be connected to a computer or terminal. Via this interface, programs are read into the Controller''s memory. For models without an integral power supply, the DIP switches for setting the interface address and communication rate are also located on the front panel.

Rear Panel Indicators and Connections
The rear panel of both models is equipped with a DIN connector for connection of all external control signals. Models with cabinet and integral mains voltage power supply additionally provide a user supply output for powering sensors, magnetic valves, etc. The voltage can be adjusted to 5VDC, 24VDC, or continuously from 5 to 30VDC. The user supply can supply 0.5A at all voltages. The internal supply voltage (40VDC) is available for other controllers.

Controller Types, Selection of Controller

Controller Types
These Controllers represent an entirely new design which offer an improvement in performance by a factor of 4 to 5 compared with earlier models. In addition the Controllers have specifically been designed to provide very high noise immunity.
The Controllers are available either on a Euro-card for external powering or in a DIN cabinet with integral 115 or 230V AC mains supply. Depending on the application, models with either 3 or 6 A output current at 40V can be selected. In addition, both types are available with either ½Kb or 8 Kb memory and with built-in registers and a module interface. ½ Kb types are used for simple applications in which the Controller must only store a small control program. Models with 8 Kb memory are used for larger programs and for applications that require values (positions, lengths, quantities etc) to be stored for use during program execution. In addition, the Module Interface enables JVL''s module units to be connected. Complete control systems can thus be built up, in many cases replacing the need for a PLC system.
Modules available are:
  • Keyboard/Display Module KDM10
  • Input/Output Module IOM11
  • Multi Counter Module CMO10
  • Display Modules DIS10, 11 and 12
    See separate descriptions under Modular Expansion Units

Motor Output:

Either a 2-phase or 4-phase step motor may be connected to the Controllers. The outputs are short-circuit protected and safeguarded against short circuit to ground. The motor can be controlled with full-, half-, 1/4 or 1/8 step resolution, up to 15,000 steps per second.

Power Supply:
Only a single supply is required: 5-45VDC for models SMC23 and SMC25, or 115/230VAC for models SMC24 and SMC26.

Programming and "on-line" communication with JVL´s controllers is readily achieved using the windows-based software MotoWare. Programs are written in a simple, BASIC-like language and easily transferred to the Controller.

Step Motor Controllers SMC30B and SMC30C 
  • Simple programming with windows-based "MotoWare"
  • RS232 Interface with RS232C/V24 communication
  • Up to 7 controllers on the same interface bus
  • Baud rate 110-9600
  • Max. operating frequency 15kHz
  • Driver stage of 6 and 12A/150V
  • 3 Digital User Inputs
  • 3 Digital User Outputs
  • 6 Analogue Inputs Stop and end-of travel inputs stop motor operation instantaneously
  • 200, 400, steps per revolution (full- or half-step operation)
  • All in/outputs optically isolated
  • Protected against voltage overload and motor output short-circuit
  • Mounting either in 19" rack or on a surface via T-flanges

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