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Mini Stepper Motors MST081A03 and MST082A03

The small mini step motors MST081A08 and MST082A08 are designed to be used in applications where dimensions and weight must be as small as possible. Both have flanges of only 20x20mm and where MST081 is 33mm in length, MST is 42, but then also includes double shaft. The motors can be connected directly to the range of JVL drivers

Recommended drivers

All JVL stepper motor drivers and controller can be used with the MST081A08 and MST082A08 mini stepper motors. The Step motor drivers SMD41 or the SMD73, which is a compact circuit board, possibly with ready-made cables, can be recommended due to their small size.
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Example of mini stepper motor by JVL Denmark
The mini step motor can be connected directly to a range of JVL drivers
Inside look of a mini stepper motor from danish company JVL
Mini step motors by JVL can fit in everywhere in the production
Perfect example of how small a mini stepper motor from JVL is! a real miniature stepper motor.



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