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Stepper Motor Ministep Drivers SMD41 and SMD42

For particularly smooth motor operation
For particularly smooth and precise motor operation, JVL''s very compact Ministep Drivers are recommended. Model SMD41 operates with 20-80VDC supply voltage while model SMD42 operates with 20-160VDC supply voltage for highly dynamic applications. The drivers are available in 2 basic models, each of which is available in 3A, 6A, and 9A versions. Operating frequency 0 to 800 kHz
  • Step resolution 200, 400, 800, 1600, 2000, 5000, 10000 and 25000 ministeps per motor revolution
  • Galvanically isolated step-pulse and direction inputs
  • "Power dump" output for sinking surplus energy
  • Automatic switching between stand-by and operating currents
  • Facility for controlling operating and stand-by currents via externally applied voltage 0-2.5V or 0-20 mA
  • Small physical dimensions: 100x22x114mm
  • Error output for temperature overload and short-circuit
  • Thermally protected Filter option at step-pulse input
  • Can be connected to both 2 and 4-phase motors
Mini stepper motor from leading company JVL
Drivers for mini steppermotor for production here
Ministep stepper motor for smooth operation
JVL a leading company in production of integrated stepper motors
Cost saving and highly realible mini stepper motors for modern motion control systems





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