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NEMA23 57mm Electronic Motor Brake MAB23x and Shaft Reinforcement MAS23x

Electronic brake for all NEMA23 motors
The electronic brake is designed to be mounted on step- and servo motors, such as the MAC 50-141 series of integrated servo motors.
A high quality electro-magnetic brake is mounted inside the housing. The brake has zero backlash and no auditory noise.
It fits on all step- and servo motors with NEMA23 flange and 6.35mm shaft.
The brake is used when it is desired to hold the motor shaft fixed at power off, or when the motor is used in a vertical linear application.
When 24 VDC is connected, the brake will be deactivated and the motor can turn freely. It is recommended to use the brake only as a holding brake and not as an emergency brake.
Shaft reinforcement for all NEMA23 motors
The shaft reinforcement is designed for use with step and servo motors such as the MAC 50-141 series of integrated servo motors. It fits on all NEMA23 step- and servo motors with 6.35mm shaft. The Shaft Reinforcement contains a ball bearing with an outer diameter of 35mm and an output shaft of 14mm. This ensures that the shaft can withstand even high radial and axial loads.
The output shaft and flange are compatible with Yaskawa/Omron SGM and SGMAH 200/400W flanges and makes it possible to replace existing motors with a MAC motor.




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