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Versions of QuickStep Integrated Stepper Motor

Pulse/Direction or Positioning and Speed Control
The motors can be delivered either for pulse /direction control or positioning and speed control.
For pulse/direction control the QuickStep motors are
delivered with the Step Motor Driver SMD73 built in.
For positioning and speed control, the Quick Step motors are delivered with Step Motor Controller SMC75 built in.
Positioning or speed control
Input for pulse/direction signal
5-24VDC PNP/NPN. The driver
is the wellknown SMD73.
Supply voltage is 12 - 28VDC
Built-in µprocessor with 6 In/Out
that can be configured to inputs, PNP
outputs or analogue inputs. Serial RS485 interface for set up and programming. Option for CANbus,
CANopen 402 or Devicenet. Supply voltage is 12-48VDC.


Both The driver SMD73 and the controller SMC75 can also be delivered separately as PCB boards for customers own use, and be delivered in a metal housing with M12 connectors corresponding to the housing built together with the complete integrated motor.
The picture to the left shows a complete QuickStep motor with Controller SMC75 built-in

Interface possibilities to the QuickStep motor:
  • From PC/PLC with serial commands via RS485.
  • Pulse/direction input. Encoder output.
  •  Option for µPLC built-in with grafical programming. CANopen, DeviceNet
  • 8 I/O, 5-28VDC that can be configured to Inputs, Outputs or analogue inputs
  •  Future option for Profibus DP, Ethernet, Bluetooth and Zigbee wireless
Quickstep integrated stepper motors can be delivered with a large selection of functions and in a wide variety of combinations. The base is a hightorque NEMA23 step motor with a housing so that IP55 or larger protection can be achieved. One or more circuit cards and different connectors can be mounted in the housing to adapt the motor to a given task.

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