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Examples of Applications MAC050-141

Below you will find examples of practical and successful applications of JVL motion control systems utilizing the MAC050-141 Integrated Servo Motors.
Click on the picture for the application you are interested in and you will get a more detailed description.

Voelker Controls 80-20/Tolomatic/JVL vertical actuator
JVL controller for MAC050-141
JVL controllers for demanding applications
Integrated Servo Motors - roller drive
Roller drive uses JVL MAC motor.
Integrated Servo Motors - robots use MAC motors from JVL
Low-cost robots use JVL MAC motors.
Integrated Servo Motors - 3D milling machine
3-D milling machine uses JVL MAC motors.
3D laserscanner - MAC motors from JVl
3-D laserscanner with MAC motors.
Valve test machines use JVL MAC motors.
MAC motors at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.
Laser scanner uses JVL MAC Motors
Axis-driven Drilling Machine with JVL MAC Motors

Ferroperm Optics A/S uses 3 MAC motors for drilling optical glass filters
JVL integrated servo motors in huge radio telescope in Chile
18th-century music recreated

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