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Handy battery for wireless demonstration of MIS17 and MIS23

For sales demo purposes can JVL now deliver a 1500 mAh battery that can work as a power supply for a MIS motor. The motor will have full function when supplied from the 12 VDC lithium battery and supply the motor with energy up to 21 hours with full communication. Battery is easily recharged with a 240 VAC cable.

JVL MIS17 , MIS23, MIS34 integrated stepper motor range with closed loop are perfect for battery supplied application, due to the built-in encoder with state of the art closed loop operation. Compared to other suppliers of similar products, JVL do only consume half the power when the motor is at standstill and up to 93% less power when the motor is running. JVL motor can even work down to 7 VDC if battery voltage is low and up to 80 VDC (P+ only) if charger use high voltage or back driven regenerative energy build up voltage.

Below is an example of what JVL Closed Loop Current Control does in reality:
MIS340C12Q5H285 - 9 amp - 100 RPM - 12 VDC
Open loop: 3080 mA
Closed loop: 200 mA


Below table show current consumption for 3 motors running on 12VDC battery supply
Battery 12 VDC 1500 mAh MIS171S1Q5H266
MIS231S1Q5H266 MIS340C12Q5H285
Flange NEMA17 NEMA23 NEMA34

mA | Hour
mA | Hour
mA | Hour
Standby current mA 70 mA = 21 Hours 70 mA = 21 Hours
70 mA = 21 Hours
100 RPM current mA 110 mA = 13 Hours 190 mA = 8 Hours
200 mA = 7.5 Hours

Item number "PSU012K1500B1D2ACE4A” contains a 240 VAC charging cable , battery 12 VDC 1500 mAh and cable with M12 5 pin male that fits MIS/MAC motor power connector. A small hand-wheel for 6.35 mm shaft is included as well as a 5-6.35 mm bushing.
You can make your own program or use a JVL demo program that demonstrates how closed loop works and how the motor can sense torque, rotation and speed and act accordingly. See video.

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