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SERCOS Industrial Ethernet with Driveprofile and synchronization for MACmotor, and MISmotor (ServoStep)

The JVL SERCOS modules for MAC motors have all the important features from the Sercos specification. Automatic recognition of drives is supported by the FSPDrive and the Sercos Drive profiles (FSPDrive/PackProfile/SercosDrive). Synchronization is supported enabling simultaneously operation of up to 511 motors. Hot plugging and redundancy is possibly for exchanging motors without power off. Probe/capture is supported enabling use also in packaging machines. JVL deliver SDDML files so the motor is recognized as FSPDrive by BoschRexroth. JVL Sercos motor is found and recognized as a SercosDrive without the presence of a SDDML file if you "scan” from the BoschRexroth development environment (Indra Works).
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Link to JVL Sercos press release can be found here.

MACmotor module. - Available Now.
ServoStep/MISmotor. - Available now

SERCOS Protocol features:
  • Supported Function Specific Profiles:
    • FSP_IO (with JVL profile)
      • 32 byte cyclic data in each direction (max. 8 registers)
    • FSP_DRIVE (Only in MAC400-MAC4500 and new MIS17/23/34/43)
      • 48 byte cyclic data in each direction (max. 16 IDN’s)
      • Position mode
      • Velocity mode
    • Pack Profile / Sercos Drive.
      • Pack Profile Basic A
      • Pack Profile Basic B
      • Pack Profile Extended (partly)
        • Drive controlled homing
        • Probing Function. (Only with MAC400+ motors)
  • Supported Sercos Communication Profile classes:
    • SCP_VarCFG (with FSP_Drive profile)
    • SCP_FixCFG (with JVL profile under FSP_IO profile)
    • SCP_HP (=Hot plug)
    • SCP_SysTime
    • SCP_SYNC (=synchronization of master and drive)
      • 1, 2 ms SERCOS cycle time with MAC400+ motors.
      • 1, 2, 4 ms SERCOS cycle time with MIS motors.
      • 1-32ms motion cycle time with interpolation.
    • SCP_Diag (=Diagnostic)
    • SCP_SIP
    • SCP_RTB (=Real Time Bits). (Only with MAC400+ motors)
  • Supported Generic Device Profile classes:
    • GDP_Basic
    • GDP_PWD (=IDN Password protection)
    • GDP_DiagT (=Diagnostic Trace)
    • GDP_PrBBasic (=Probes/capture). (Only with MAC400+ motors)
      • 50µs resolution.
      • Single measuring and position probing.
    • GDP_BKP (=IDN Backup)
    • GDP_StM (=State Machine)

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