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MIL34 Ball screw torque curves

Plastic nut are standard but nut can also be delivered in bronze (material H59) with same size as plastic nut and same price as plastic.Anti-backlash nut in plastic and Teflon coated lead screw are also available for all sizes external nut motors.Optional can rolled ball screw be delivered in selected pitch e.g.  5mm/rev. Please ask JVL for more information.
Lead Code. [y] Travel Per Rev.*
[mm] (inch)
[N] (lbs.)
Screw Dia.
[mm] (inch)
5.0 (0.197) 2100 (472.1) 15.875 (0.625)

*Based on 200 step/rev motor. Divide with 200 to get travel per step. If JVL driver with 409600 step/rev are used divide with 409600 to get travel/step (SMC85/MIS34/MIL34).
Screw dia 15.875
Position accuracy for Ballscrew =  ±0.05
Axial play = 0.02/300mm
Torque curve not available. Please ask JVL.
Below formula can be used to make a quick estimation for force calculation:
F=M*6280*n/p [ M: Torque in Nm , n: Efficiency of ball screw, p: Pitch in mm/rev ]
Eg Pitch 5mm/rev and 90% efficiency. Motor can deliver about 3Nm at low speed.
F= 3Nm*6280*0,9/5mm/rev = 3391 N at low speed.

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