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FAQ - Hollow Rotary Actuator / Table

1: Very nice product but can you deliver it for MAC800 and MAC1500 and NEMA17 motors ?
For the "near future” we only have the 2 sizes mentioned, i.e. for NEMA23 and MAC400 (200..400W Yaskawa type servo flange and shaft).
2: Very nice product but I need different ratio than 18:1. I need 5:1 Possible ?
No – the 18:1 is an integral part of the turn tables. And gearbox between motor and table doesn’t make sense due to the low input & output torque.
3: Very nice but the height are too big. Can you deliver a version where motor are mounted horizontal ?
In principle yes using the HTRG01K001LQN23106JC right angle gearbox (1:1). But then we must
first design and produce fitting input parts (flanges etc) for the HTRG01K… This will take additional
time and add to the cost. Also price of the right angle gearbox has to be added.
4: I need better precision than 3 arcmin (0,05°). Can you deliver this? Or sometimes I only need 1 degree precision so what is the price then ?
Higher precision: Only possibility is a backlash-free robotic gear box, like Spinea or Sejinigb. But then price levels are in another league! And you don’t get the fast and easy installation which the HDCT offers. Please contact JVL for a quote.
Only 1 degree precision: you can still use HDCT.
5: I want to control the Rotary Actuator via Industrial Ethernet, e.g. EtherCAT. Possible?
Yes. If you order the Rotary Actuator with an Industrial Ethernet protocol both the MAC140 and the MAC400 integrated servo motors can be used. As of today we can also deliver a solution using NEMA23 stepper motors, but it requires the separate Ethernet equipped stepper motor controller SMC85 (in case of EtherCAT, the type SMC85C1-ECAABX5).
NB! With JVL’s implementation of Ethernet you can change the Ethernet protocol simply by downloading another firmware into the controller! You only need ONE type on stock, no matter which protocol are required.
Link to Ethernet 
Link to SMC85 

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