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Welcome to the JVL motor size calculator: Motorsizer
With this calculator you can fast and easily calculate the motor size necessary for your specific motion control application. At the end of the calculation Motorsizer will help You to determine which motor from the JVL range of motors will be able to do the job.

You can choose between three different types of drive set-up:
  1. A belt driven construction
  2. A lead screw construction
  3. A rotary disc construction
When you have chosen the type of construction, you will be guided through the program and asked to fill in the data needed for the calculation. You may enter data values in different units.

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MotorSizer Ver. 3.0 Disclaimer:
Motorsizer is an aid in selecting motors, controllers, drivers, and power supplies and is not a substitute for proper engineering judgement. JVL does not guarantee Motorsizer's results and cannot accept responsibility for their interpretation. Consult your qualified representatives to confirm the final selection
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