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Precision Planetary Gears


Technoingranaggi Riduttori - Italy

Precision Planetary Gears The MP-TR and LC product range is the outcome of years of experience in the industry
  • Fit directly on all Servo- and Step Motors.
  • Single or double shaft versions.
  • Straight and right angle versions
  • Accuracy 3 to 17 arc minutes.
  • High efficiency
  • Gear Ratios from 3:1 to 1000:1
  • Continous torque to 1000 Nm.
  • Start torque to 1200 Nm.
  • Large selection in stock.

The MP-TR and LC product range is the outcome of years of experience in the industry, and is the culmination of TR´s decade-long dedication to performance enhancement.
Comprising a wide range of low backlash planetary gearboxes, the units come in a range of precision classes up to 3’, and are available in seven gear frame sizes, with one or more reduction stages for gearing ratios from 1:3 to 1:1000.
Double shaft (IS), right angle shaft (G) and right angle output shaft (MB) versions are also available.

All this, combined with tens of motor mounting adapters held in stock, mean we can quickly respond to the most diverse application requirements of our customers.

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Apex Dynamics - USA
Apex Dynamics - USA
JVL also distributes planetary gear boxes from APEX Dynamics - gear boxes which are state-of-the-art regarding technology and quality.
The gear boxes are made of stainless steel, except from the input flanges which are made of anodized aluminum. Protection class IP65 is standard - IP67 available as option - which is acheived using a patented input sealing and a patented output sealing system.
Standard backlash is just 5 respectively 7 arc-minute (1 resp. 2 stages), reduced backlash is just 3 / 5 arc-min (option) and finally micro backlash is only 1 / 3 arc-min (option).
NB! For the same physical dimensions APEX offers 50..100% higher torque than e.g. TR and Bayside (which are not poor gear boxes at all). This means that the actual backlash at a certain load is MUCH LOWER in an APEX gear box than in any other planetary gear box on the market.

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